Dr Karyn Froud

Biosecurity Scientist, Consultant and Epidemiologist

BSc, MSc (Hons., Entomology), PGCertSci (Veterinary Epidemiology), PhD (Epidemiology)

Karyn is an epidemiologist and is the Director of Biosecurity Research Ltd. and has over 20 years of research experience. Karyn's two areas of expertise are in conducting observational research into new exotic pest and disease incursions particularly in association with plant based industries and in developing biosecurity preparedness systems, and response plans for primary industries.

Biosecurity Research works independently and also in collaboration with other research and biosecurity providers such as the Massey University EpiCentre, Plant and Food Research, Auckland Universities Pacific Invasives Initiative and AsureQuality.

Karyn has a particular interest in the working structure of biosecurity responses and enjoys teaching people from diverse backgrounds in how to plan and manage a response.